10 Best Conference Room Design Ideas

A conference room is a major part of in offices. Conference room design is a challenge for interior designers because of inside the conference room office employee, management staffs have discussed the projects. when an interior designer has put the good interior in a conference room entire atmosphere is awesome. A conference room also used multiple purposes like meeting, presentation meeting and more.

Maximum capacity of sitting in a conference room is  6 to 32 sitting will be awesome. don’t have set the too many chairs around the table like an elbow to elbow attached. A comfortable way to sit is very important when choosing the design.

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Airbnb Tokyo Office Interior Design – Suppose Design

Airbnb’s open new Tokyo office Japan. Airbnb starts the rent apartment service business and they expand their office too. Interior designer and architect Suppose Design Office based from Japan design the entire Airbnb japan office. Airbnb Japan office space is 500 sqm, architect suppose keen worked on local architecture and wooden paths.

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New Lab New York Office Interior Design – Macro Sea

New lab open the new office in navy yard at Brooklyn, New York. Macro Sea architect and interior designer re-built and design the entire office interior design in old navy yard space. New tech company wanted 84,000 sqft workspace.

Macro sea team took inspiration from the cathedral-like steel trusswork, and approached it as a 1970’s High-Tech Modernist muse—a kind of structural expressionist beauty.Macro Sea began work on Building 128—which, after years of neglect, was a deserted shell—in 2012.  New york new lab architecture was intentionally kept black and white color and coloful furnishing, good flooring, and plant installation each corner for feel fresh while working. All custom furniture for the project was fabricated in Brooklyn, largely in the Navy Yard.

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